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Do you need a background check on a nanny, future spouse, prospective renter, employee or business partner? We are private investigators can help assist Long Island, NY residents, property owners and business owners evaluate potential employees, renters and nannies/babysitters.

We can run credit reports and background checks on individuals that you are considering as future tenants, employees, business partners, future spouses and nanny’s. These are important decisions that no one should leave to chance. We will also provide complete employment verifications and reference checks. Call us today and we will design a plan to fit your needs.

We are Private Investigators and work with the leading data information services companies in the nation and is capable of providing fast and comprehensive background information to private individuals, attorney’s and corporations. Our comprehensive data background searches can be customized can be tailored to fit your needs. Our Background Investigations can be conducted in the following categories:

  • Assets: MV, Property, Deeds, Watercraft, FAA Aircraft
  • Businesses: Corp. Filings –National UCC Filings, Internet Domains, Dun & Bradstreet, Delaware Corporations, Business Instant ID and Business in the News
  • Courts: Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Criminal Records-Dept. of Corrections, Arrest Logs, Court Records and Sexual Offenders, Civil Courts, Florida Accidents, Patriot Act Data Base, Marriage & Divorce Records, Liens & Judgments
  • Licenses: Driver Licenses, Professional Licenses, FAA Pilots, Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Concealed Weapon Permits, Voter Registrations, Federal Firearms & Explosives, DEA Controlled Substances and Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR Reports)
  • People: Person Search- Simple & Advanced, People at Work, People In the News, E-Mail Addresses
  • Phones: Phone Plus and Basic look-up, Reverse Look-up and Canadian Phones.
  • Credit Reports: Individual credit reports, employment verification, SSN verification, Tenant Screening or Nanny/Babysitter Screening.

These investigative searches can be conducted at a minimal cost and the turn around time is usually between 24 & 48 hours. Generally, the findings lead to further verification and a complete investigation more commonly referred to a “Cheating Spouse Investigation”. The cost of conducting a comprehensive background check is minimal usually takes 3 to 7 days. Investigative verification time is generally charged on an hourly rate.

One of our investigators will meet with you to discuss your case and during the preliminary interview will gather essential information to assist in conducting the background check. The preliminary interview and the background check is the starting point of any investigation. After conducting the research we will produce a report that must be reviewed with the client. It is recommended that the investigator verifies the data. Without the verification process the investigation is not complete.

I have written about these services in past blogs and am happy to remind our readers and future clients about some of the services that are available to them that can help protect their families businesses and their loved ones from unscrupulous characters. Never leave important decisions to chance. Let us help by providing you with invaluable accurate information on individuals that you are considering bringing into your life.

Please visit our Landlord Screening Service for more information on how we can help a Long Island, NY, New York landlord choose the right tenant potentially saving your thousands of dollars if you rent to the wrong person.

Please visit our Nanny/Babysitter Screening Service for more information on how some simple searches can help you make the right decision when considering who will be the caretaker to your children. Remember you will be inviting this person into your home to care for your children.

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Our team members are trained investigators & process servers. If you need of a private investigator or process server let us help! We are experts in locating hard to serve individuals and have a track record of successful investigative work. Our professional process servers are backed by private investigators who have prior law enforcement, security and process service experience and have been in the field for many years.

Remember: A quote for services is always free. You can speak with an investigator at any time to discuss the particulars of your pending case. We will help you decide the best options for your service at the lowest cost.

We take great pride in all our serves, whether they are simple routine services or the more difficult investigative serves. Our team strives to be as diligent and effective as possible when handling these matters.

Call us today for any private investigation, process service or security issue. We can be reached 24/7. A trained Investigator will return your call as soon as possible. There is always a free consultation.

24/7 Hotline: 631-406-9761

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