Cheating Spouse Cases

Cheating Spouse Cases

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We conduct Marital Infidelity Investigations on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, these investigations are quite common. Below are some examples of cases we have been involved with:

Our client from Centereach, Long Island, New York 11720 became suspicious of her spouse after finding multiple dinner receipts from a popular Italian restaurant located on Middle Country Road in Selden, Long island NY 11784. The client became suspicious after discovering the unexplained charges on their shared credit card statement. In addition, she noticed her husband’s suspicious behavior when he was receiving telephone calls and text messages. She checked his phone on numerous times and noticed telephone calls from restricted numbers at very odd times during the night. She even discovered that he had left the home several times during the night when he believed that she was sleeping.

She contacted us and secured our services. We agreed to take her case. We conducted covert surveillance over a 3-week period and found that her suspicions were founded. We tracked her roaming unfaithful spouse to a residence in Coram, Long Island, N.Y. 11727 that was owned by a recently divorced woman. In addition, we tracked the unsuspecting couple to a restaurant located in Selden, NY 11727 on Middle Country Road. Videos and photograph evidence were produced of the couple during their intimate encounters.

Our latest client from Nassau County, Long Island hired us after becoming suspicious that her husband might be involved in an extra-marital affair, she explained that she was experiencing some of the telltale signs of a cheating spouse:

  • He was becoming increasingly secretive when leaving the home and had unexplained disappearances where she was unable to contact him.
  • He was wearing new cologne
  • He was purchasing new clothing
  • He placed a lock on his phone and never left it unattended
  • He joined a gym and was on a new diet.
  • Purchased a new sports car.
  • Their sex life had been suffering for some time.

Now, we all know that any number of these issues above can be explained away and are not evidence in of themselves to convict someone of engaging in an affair. In totality, though these signs can lead an investigator and an astute wife to believe that something may be wrong.

We immediately decided to meet with this client and discuss the case further. There is always more to the story and we were confident from the preliminary phone interview that this was a good case. Within 24 hours we met with the client and learned that her husband was a successful businessman with a very large successful business on Long Island, New York. In addition, we also learned that she had previously confronted him a few years back with evidence of an affair. At that time, she decided to forgive him and to move forward, but promised him that she would leave him if he had ever betrayed her again.

She was a 35 and some 20 years younger than him, very confident, smart and beautiful. She was able to supply us with all the pedigree information needed for to proceed immediately. Our surveillance of the subject began within two days. The client telephoned us in the morning of the first day of surveillance explaining that the husband told her that he would be having a late evening business meeting and would not be home until after 11 pm that evening. Surveillance began that day from his place of employment in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Our investigators conducted covert surveillance and followed the subject from Nassau County to a small restaurant in the Town of East Hampton, Long Island, New York, 11937. Subject entered alone and a short time later a young beautiful brunette entered the restaurant. It appeared that she was in her late 20’s. We were unsure if this woman was meeting our subject, but she was alone. She was dressed eloquently, but very sexy. Short mini skirt with heels with legs that never end. Wow!

Now it was time for us to have dinner. This is always my favorite part of any surveillance and always never happens. We were able to secure a table very close to our couple and secured video and photographic evidence of the two lovers together holding hands and being affectionate to each other.

As the subject began to order desert & coffee, we pay our bill and leave restaurant. We want to get into position to follow the couple. A short time later they exit and get into separate cars. This could be the end of the night or maybe just the beginning. If they move in the same direction it is probably time to get out the surveillance equipment. As suspected, he follows her in the direction of East Quogue, Long Island, New York 11942

Within ten minutes we arrived at the Shearwater Inn located on Josiah Foster Path, East Quogue, New York 11942. Both cars pull into the parking area. The subject exits his auto and approaches the driver’s side of the mystery woman’s window. She rolls down the window and whispers in his ear and hands what appears to be a key to the subject.

She exits and both walk together toward the entrance of the hotel. Digital photographs and video of both were captured walking toward the lobby. They entered the hotel lobby and disappeared. At approximately 2 am our subject exits alone. He enters his car and proceeds to leave the hotel parking area. One investigator was left behind to capture the mystery woman leaving the hotel the next day to get more information on her identity. Later that morning at approximately 103 am we followed the mystery beauty into Hampton Bays, New York 11946. She drives approximately 15 minutes east to a beautiful home pulls into the driveway and is greeted by what appears to be her husband. Digital photographs were taken of the mystery woman, her home, car and the male subject.

Data searches were conducted prior to completing our report. All surveillance evidence was turned over to our client which included the identify of all persons under surveillance that night.

Another case completed. This all sounds easy. Well, as any trained investigator will tell you this scenario is a good read, but a lot of planning and preliminary work goes into getting results like this. In addition, to pull it off it requires multiple investigators all working together to not be identified. I made this sound easy and spiced it up a bit to make it a good read. Most often this operation will take multiple attempts over a period of several weeks. Be prepared to for what I call your debriefing (Which is when we conduct our preliminary interview of the potential client. I will attempt to get as much information about you and your problem prior to starting. This will ultimately save time and money by reducing unnecessary investigative time. Try to tell the whole story. This will eliminate us spending time investigating something you could have just told me. A lot of clients like to test the investigator. They deliberately leave out pertinent information to test the investigator to see how smart he or she is. That will only end up costing you money and break down the trust that is needed between the investigator and the client.

The incident above is a real case. The locations have been changed to protect the identity of the parties involved. WRM Security Services Inc. handles these types of cases quite frequently We never reveal the identify our clients or our subjects. We conduct all investigations in a discreet and professional manner.

While this case is based on a true completed solved case it may contain information form several other cases. It is used to help our clients familiarize themselves with the investigative process of solving a marital infidelity case.

Our client from Commack, Long Island, New York 11725 became suspicious of her spouse after finding multiple unexplained credit card charges on their monthly credit card statement and finding text messages on his phone from unknown identified callers that confirmed meeting locations. When she questioned her husband, he would lie and make up stories that he was meeting the guys to go out and play cards. In addition, she noticed her husband’s suspicious behavior when he was receiving telephone calls and text messages. She checked his phone on numerous times and noticed telephone calls from restricted numbers at very odd times during the night.

She contacted us and secured our services. We agreed to take her case. We conducted covert surveillance over a 2-week period. On one Saturday night during the surveillance period our client contacted us after reading a text message on his phone that confirmed a meeting with an unknown person. We immediately geared up and was able to locate her husband at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore located at 4000 East Jericho Turnpike -East Northport, Long Island, New York 11731. The unsuspecting husband was found with an unidentified female the bookstore sharing a cup of coffee.

Upon exiting the bookstore, the husband and the unidentified female were observed engaging in romantic intimate relations while talking outside their automobiles in the parking area in front of the bookstore. All this activity was captured on video.

Both the Husband and unidentified woman were subsequently followed to the Commack Motor Inn located at 2231 Jericho Turnpike Commack, Long Island, NY 11725 where they were observed entering a room.

We recently completed an investigation for a client who resides in Hampton Bays, Long Island, New York who is concerned about the state of her marriage and was suspicious that her husband might be having an affair.

The investigation lasted approximately three (3) weeks and we found no indication of an affair. Her husband had decided to take a summer photography course at his local community college. Their daughter is engaged to be married and he wanted to improve his photography skills so he could take the wedding photographs for her at the wedding. This was to be a surprise.
Unfortunately, not all investigations end this way, but it is a great example of how we can help you. Either way the investigation goes we will find the answers for you.

We recently were contacted by a client from Lake Grove, Long Island NY 11755 who strongly suspected that his wife was having an extra-marital relationship. As with all our potential clients were met discussed his case. He supplied us with all relevant information concerning his wife’s behaviors such as her work hours, habits, extracurricular activities, description, vehicle information and a brief synopsis of her behavior that he believes to be suspicious. What is he or she doing that is leading you to believe he or she might be being unfaithful? Armed with this information my team and I break down the information and develop a plan to uncover the truth. That is exactly what we did. Within approximately 10 days we successfully completed our Lake Grove, Long Island, New York, NY 11755 investigation and found positive documented undeniable proof of an ongoing extramarital affair that was going on with a male subject from Medford, Long Island, New York, NY 11763. The speed and success of this investigation can be directly attributed to a good preliminary interview meeting and planning. This always reduces costs attributed to the client and the time spent conducting the investigations or the investigative hours that are charged to the client.

The preliminary interview or meeting is very important and has a direct result on the outcome and the speed in which we complete your investigation. The meeting also allows you the client to interview us. The client must feel comfortable with his investigator. After or during the meeting we then can accurately estimate the amount of time we will need to complete the investigation and give the client an estimate of costs. Before we begin any case, we do ask our clients for approximately a 30% retainer. Your preliminary meeting will always be scheduled with one of the principle owners of the company. You will meet with only Bill Sr. or Bill Jr. In addition, we are the lead investigators on each case.

Each case is different and each of our clients have different reasons for finding out the truth concerning an extramarital affair. For some it is simply for peace of mind. They are simply suspicious and are fearful of getting hurt. For others it is to verify a feeling or “hunch” that something is wrong in the relationship. Many times, these feelings we get when we suspect that our spouse is being unfaithful are justified and after verification can lead to a separation or divorce. That is where we come in. We will break your situation down piece by piece and gather evidence bit by bit to either prove or disprove your initial allegation. The statement I just made is extremely important. Again, the evidence leads us through-out the investigation. We always conduct each case with discreetly and honestly. This is a private matter between our client and his or her attorney and will not divulge any information to anyone other than the client or his or her attorney.

Many of our cases lead to court and our investigators are subpoenaed to court to testify on the results of the investigation. Any reports and or evidence of the investigation can be used as evidence in the divorce court case. We take each case very seriously and conduct the case professionally with the anticipation that we might have to testify in the future. We furnish each client with a full detailed report of the investigative findings along with any of the evidence gathered such as, digital photographs or video.

I hope this brief description of the preliminary steps involved in hiring a private investigator to conduct an extramarital affair or “Cheating Spouse” investigation was helpful.

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