NY Safe Act

NY Safe Act

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WRM Security Services Inc. is Long Island’s Premiere Private Investigator and Security Services Company. Both Executive Officers are lifetime residents of Long Island, NY and have resided in both Nassau County and Suffolk County. Both are retired law enforcement officers who have over 50 combined years of experience in law enforcement and security.

As a retired law enforcement I have been granted the privilege of carry permits and I am licensed by the New York State Department of State as an Armed Guard. I have had the privilege of carrying a firearm my entire adult life. I carried on and off duty when I was an active member of the New York City Police Department and I still maintain my carry permit and am armed 90% of the time. It is hard to imagine not being armed and able to protect myself or my family or others. When an incident of the magnitude of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurs I think of the innocence lost and how vulnerable and helpless the teachers, school administrators and parents and the children felt not being able to protect themselves and the victims in the school that day. I wish I was there and in a position to stop the shooter dead in his tracks and save the children. I do know that if I was there and able to act quickly enough I would have tried to save as many children as possible. I also know that I could only do that if I was armed firearm. Without that tool I would be useless and could very possibly become a victim as well.

I am not going to use this platform to debate the 2nd Amendment, but would like to mention that gun control is a very complicated issue. One ought not be so quick to relinquish any of your rights granted of the 2nd Amendment. Gun control does in fact limit your rights to to guns. This is a blanket statement and proponents of gun control acts will argue that bans on assault rifles and limiting the size of magazines is reasonable. Remember they are limiting in nature and it has yet to be proven that guns laws save lives. New York State had very strict guns laws and with the passing of NY Safe Act we now have some of the toughest gun control acts in the country. It remains to be seen what the effects of this new legislation will have on gun violence in New York State. I will postpone and predictions at this time.

Many of our countries largest major cities have strict gun control laws and are currently experiencing waves of violence. The City of Chicago comes to mind. So passing stricter gun laws has yet to prove valuable and the complete answer to gun violence.
I have a few comments base on my experience with criminals with illegal guns

  • Criminals don’t care about gun laws or about if they have the legal size magazine loaded in their gun.
  • Criminals are not going to register their guns.
  • A person who loses their mind and carries out a shooting is not going to stop and consider the current gun law.
  • If a criminal needs a gun to commit a crime he will most likely get an illegal one so it can’t be traced back to him or her.
  • Gun control laws restrict law abiding citizens by limiting their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Criminals are cowards who look for easy pry.

I removed many guns from suspects on the street and every single time it was not legally carried or registered. In my 27 years of service I did not have the occasion to investigate a shooting of another by a legally registered gun owner. Twenty Seven (27) Years!!! The odds are that you will be a victim of a shooting from a person who has no concern with following gun laws!

With this being said I would like to share with you the NY Safe Act passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday Jan 15, 2013. Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken the lead in the nations legislative response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Since the January 15th passing of the law legislators been notified by the law enforcement community that there are no provisions to exclude law enforcement from carrying magazine with more than 10 rounds. So as it stands right now as I write this blog I am violating the law carrying a 9mm with a 15 round magazine with one in the chamber. The Law enforcement community has be assured that this is a minor oversight that will be remedied with an amendment to the law. One should ask themselves did New York State rush this legislation through to law using the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School as a political catapult. What other mistakes did they make or is the whole law a mistake?

The link to the law can be found below. It is a tough read, but I highly recommend one takes the time to read it. The Governor’s office has also put together a website to answer frequently asked questions concerning the new law. This website can be found at https://safeact.ny.gov/.

I urge everyone who cares about this issue to read the actual law. This link that will take you to NYsenate.gov where you can view the NY Secure Ammunition and Firearm Enforcement Act of 2013- S2230: http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/s2230-2013

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