Tools Private Investigators Use

Tools Private Investigators Use

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WRM Security Services Inc., Long Island’s premier private investigation agency, serves the residents and business owners of Nassau and Suffolk County and have conducted many successful surveillance operations. Most cases require a certain percentage of covert surveillance and of course good old fashion detective work. Our private investigators utilize the latest technology in the security field to help protect you and your family and to provide you with an efficient, confidential and discreet private investigations. There are many tools at our disposal to increase the success of our investigations and provide our clients with accurate reliable information. Below are some examples of the devices used successfully by our investigators in the past to help our clients.

Body Worn Cameras

There are many types of recording devices available for use by a private investigator today. Body Worn Video Camera Recording Devices have found to be extremely useful to secretly to record individuals and events. They are the ultimate in stealth, on-the-go surveillance equipment. As small and covert as a button or a pair of sunglasses, body worn cameras offer unparalleled mobility along with dependable audio and video recording. These cameras can be deployed on our investigators or placed in locations to record events as they unfold. They are covert in nature and are perfect for high-pressure situations.

GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle tracking units can be deployed to assist in investigations where it is necessary to track the whereabouts of individuals utilizing a motor vehicle. Today’s GPS Tracking Devices can be covertly attached to a vehicle to track it’s every movement. We have successfully utilized these devices in the past to track the movements of individuals suspected of marital infidelity. Our tracking system enables us access the device’s GPS location from anywhere in the world and watch its movement in real-time. We are able to zoom in on the map for the exact street location and speed. We are able to check the real-time GPS tracking locations as well as check historical data. This enables us to compare and contrast past locations to current locations and notice trends. Installation of these devices can actually save time by eliminating unnecessary surveillance and investigative time. The device allows us to pinpoint our targets efficiently and accurately saving time and enables us to close the investigation in a timely manner saving our clients time and money.

Computer Spy Equipment

Covertly record everything a person does on a computer. We can help you install devices that can help. Computer spying tools are designed to covertly record all computer activity including passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, and websites visited. These devices will find out what is really happening on your computer when you’re not around.

  • Is A Close Family Member Doing Suspicious Activity?
  • Employees Wasting Company Time
  • Covertly Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity
  • Keep Track Of Your Teenager’s Instant Messaging
  • Quickly Gather Proof For Legal Battles
  • Investigate Suspicious Activity On Any Computer

Computer Porn Detectors

The device will monitor porn usage and track internet activity to locate pornographic images with up to 99% accuracy, even if the images were deleted. After you’ve searched your computer for pornographic images, the device lets you wipe your computer clean of any illicit images.

  • Find out what people are really doing on your computer
  • Track internet activity and scan your entire computer for pornographic images 99% accurate
  • Monitors porn usage, even if the pictures were deleted
  • Completely covert and leaves no trace of search
  • Find out if your kids are downloading porn
  • See what your employees are really doing on company time
  • Find out if porn got onto your computer accidentally
  • Be secure in knowing exactly what is hiding on your hard drive

Hidden Spy Cameras

There is an array of hidden camera devices on the market today that can be used to in your home or office to record suspicious activity. Let our security investigators help you decide what is the best option or device to help you. We can help you by installing these covert hidden cameras in your home or office.

  • These devices can be used to monitor your home or office when unoccupied
  • To find out who’s been sneaking around rooms
  • To keep an eye on children
  • To monitor nannies or babysitters
  • To protect valuables

Each and every investigation is unique and requires proper evaluation. The devices described below provide us a technological advantage and only assist us in conducting your investigation. A trained investigator is still needed for its deployment and for a thorough investigative evaluation of the data it develops.

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